25 Oct 2013

Would you like to inspire others?

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We're looking for Diet Chef case studies!  

Have you achieved a great weight loss result with Diet Chef, and changed your life for the better? Are you ready to share your journey and help inspire others? 

We are always looking for customers with success stories to share.

If you would like to become a Diet Chef case study, and have your story placed in a newspaper or magazine, we would love to hear from you! 

What's in it for you? 

Money, glory and good karma, that's what! ;) 

In addition to that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with helping others (and the chance to show off your fabulous, new figure) we will pay any case studies £250 upon publication, as a thank you. 

Sound interesting? 

If you want to put yourself forward, email us: 
  • A brief summary of your story
  • Your contact details
  • Before / after photos - or your start and end weight
Email the above to: marketing@dietchef.co.uk 
What happens next? 

We will pass your details on to our very friendly PR agency, who will contact you for an initial chat, to find out more about you and your weight loss journey. 

If you are interested, contact us now: 

Please note: We are only able to pay customers whose stories are placed in the media and published - we cannot guarantee that your story will be published. Payment to successful case studies will be processed after their story has been published and is available to the public. Each case study will only be paid once. We may use any successful story more than once, and / or in multiple media outlets.  


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