29 Nov 2013

Black Friday is official 'Day of Vice'!

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A recent survey commissioned by Diet Chef  has revealed that the last Friday in November - today in other words - is the official ‘Day of Vice’ for dieters!

That is, the single most unsuccessful day, when women across the UK (60%) fall off the wagon and give up all attempts to lose weight.

For the majority of respondents (55%), the ‘Day of Vice’ is the start of a downward spiral, leading to binges on alcohol, chocolate and bread (50%, 46% and 43% respectively). What’s more, just under a third of dieters (32%) admit to finding it too hard to get back on track, and don’t start dieting again until well into the New Year. The festive season really does live up to its name as the season of indulgence!

The top five reasons for the ‘Day of Vice’ and all thoughts of diet disappearing are: 

  1. Hectic diaries mean people don’t have time to go to the gym and exercise as much as they would like to (66%).
  2. The stress of being out and about Christmas shopping means that people pick up high calorie quick bites and snacks rather than eating well balanced meals (75%).
  3. People feel under pressure to look like they are enjoying themselves while at festive events so eat and drink more than they would normally (67%).
  4. Over the festive period, there is an increase in irresistible sweet treats in the office (60%).
  5. Busy social diaries mean people often skip meals, particularly dinner, leading to unhealthy fast food binges late at night (40%).

When it comes to dieting and healthy eating, despite the majority of those surveyed (61%) rating themselves a 7/10 on the scale for will power, the results reveal that Christmas and all the associated socialising, eating and drinking will crack even the most strong willed individuals.

Izzy Cameron, Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist at Diet Chef says: “This survey has highlighted that to lose and maintain weight, people need to keep an eye on the hidden calories in certain foods. It is hard to give up alcohol and sweet treats, especially at this time of year, but the extra calories kicking around - like the office Christmas tin of chocolates - all add up!

When it comes to Christmas, everyone knows that diaries will be filled with socialising, copious amounts of food and lots of alcoholic drinks. But managing your weight can be done by making slightly healthier choices that still allow you to fully enjoy the festivities, without over indulging. 
At Diet Chef we understand that managing your weight at any time of year, and in particular at Christmas, can be a challenge. This is why we have a weight management plan to cater for your needs – the range provides yummy, portion controlled and calorie counted meals, giving you the flexibility to go out and enjoy yourself without the stress of worrying about a diet. After all, managing your weight throughout the year is the healthiest and most effective way of dieting."


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