15 Jul 2014

Our milkshakes bring all the taste to the yard…

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One of the most important things I do as the Development Chef at Diet Chef is try to secure the best tasting products, and the best choice of products, for our customers. As part of this work, we recently launched a new range of milkshakes.

Why the new shakes? 

As many of you are aware, we used to have a ready-to-drink selection of milkshakes on our lunch menu. However, though convenient to some, my feeling was that they were not of a high enough standard. We felt that they could be greatly improved on, given some recipe tweaks.

So I started working with a different supplier, and voila; our new range of shakes was born!

It's all about the taste…and the calories! 

In my view, the new powdered strawberry, vanilla and chocolate shakes are far superior, flavour-wise, with a great balance of creaminess and sweetness!

The new shakes have a fresher, milkier taste, with real strawberry pieces in the strawberry flavoured shake. Equally important, when trying to shift those excess pounds, is the fact that the new shakes are lower in sugar per portion, than the old, ready-made ones.

And the convenience! 

I can understand that a lot of people liked the convenience of the ready-to-drink product, but in general, the feedback we have received on the new shakes is very positive.

For many, the fact that they can be stored anywhere – including in your hand luggage, if you are travelling by air, either for business or pleasure – is a great benefit.

When you order the new shakes, we supply you with your very own Diet Chef shaker and magic mixer ball, so you have everything you need to make preparation as simple as possible.

There is no need to refrigerate them, just add cold water and give it a good shake, for a creamy, rich lunch replacement drink, full of flavour!

What's your verdict? 

So, we've established that I really like the new shakes – strawberry is my personal favourite, by the way, although I like the vanilla and chocolate flavours as well.

What about you? Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

I take all our customer feedback very seriously, but I hope that you trust me (and my taste buds!) once again, where the new milkshakes are concerned.

Why not shake things up? Check out Alan’s top shake tip!

Looking for some variety and inspiration? Try turning your shake into a delicious, healthy smoothie! Here's how: 

Once you've mixed the shake with water, as per the instructions, simply add to a blender along with a handful of your favourite fruit or berries, some porridge oats to give extra body, and crushed ice. Blend till smooth.

You can add a little bit of honey to the mix too, but make sure you have enough ‘extra calories’ in your daily allowance to cover it.

Hope you like the shakes as much as I do!

Alan Mathieson
Development Chef at Diet Chef

You'll find all three milkshakes on our lunch menu (provided none of them have sold out!) - check them out now!


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