5 Aug 2014

Sign up for shedtember!

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What is shedtember?

September 2014 sees the launch of shedtember – a fundraiser that we at Diet Chef have partnered with, which will take place every September to encourage people to lose weight, while raising money for charity, including Diabetes UK.

shedtember has been created to highlight the health issues related to weight gain, the benefits of weight management, as well as to raise awareness of access to psychological and psychiatry services for people with diabetes and their close ones. 

Why shedtember?

According to a report quoted on the NHS Choices website, one in four British adults is obese. In fact, the UK has the highest level of obesity in Western Europe, ahead of countries such as France, Germany, Spain and Sweden, the 2013 report says.

Carrying excess weight can have a number of consequences on our health, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. shedtember aims to highlight the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle. Developing healthier eating habits and incorporating more physical activity in everyday life is the first step to getting on track for a healthier life.

Who's on-board?

Recognising the need to encourage a healthier lifestyle and promote sustainable weight management, shedtember has already attracted a number of partners in addition to Diet Chef, including local NHS trusts, healthcare organisations, as well as private health, fitness and wellbeing companies.

Dr Gerry Jayamanne, founder of shedtember, says "We want to offer people a sense of community created by joining shedtember, which will motivate them to lose weight, get fit and raise money for charity."

How does shedtember work?

The desire to indulge and enjoy without paying the price with a long term weight gain has seen more and more people start a weight loss programme after their summer holidays. shedtember is perfectly placed to offer encouragement to join in and pledge to lose weight for a good cause! This September, do something positive for your health, while helping others by raising money for charity.

A pound for a pound! You could get a group of people together and see who can lose the most pounds in 30 days? Or what about getting £1 from your friends and family for every 1lb you lose? Maybe you could even persuade some of your more well-to-do pals to donate £10 or even £100 per lb?!

Being part of shedtember is so easy: 

  1. To get involved, sign up by registering on the shedtember website before the 1st September 2014.
  2. Pledge to lose weight in thirty days with no minimum or specific weight loss requirement. 
  3. Get support and sponsorship from your family, friends or work colleagues.  
  4. Monitor your progress through the website.
  5. Raise money for charity.]
shedtember creates a sense of community, helping to motivate people to do something positive for their own health while raising money for others.

We're taking part too! 

Practicing what we preach, a group of staff at the Diet Chef office outside of Edinburgh have already signed up to do their bit! It's almost time to shed some holiday pounds - join us, why don't you?!

For more information, visit the shedtemper website, or watch the shedtember YouTube video


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