15 Aug 2014

Why Diet Chef isn't a fad diet for lazy people...

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We sometimes get asked on social media if Diet Chef isn't just another fad diet for lazy people. Our answer to that is always an emphatic NO!

However, it can be difficult to offer a meaningful response in a 140-character tweet, or brief Facebook comment, so we thought we'd write a blog to explain how Diet Chef can help, and why we don't think our customers are lazy.

Why don't people just eat less and make their own food? 

There are any number of reasons why people struggle with their weight – and in our experience it very rarely comes down to laziness.

Over-eating can often be attributed to emotional / psychological issues, lifelong habits, or a lack of knowledge about what constitutes a healthy, balanced diet and a reasonable portion size.

We also know from the feedback we get that many of our customers lack the time, kitchen confidence or motivation and willpower, when it comes to devising and executing a healthy eating plan.

Losing weight can be a daunting task… 

For many, breaking bad eating habits and changing their relationship with food is a huge, daunting task.

If you feel able to take the challenge on your own, teach yourself to eat better, and stick to a self-devised, healthy eating and exercise regime, then that's great! Well done, you!

However, there are lots of people out there who need a little bit of additional structure and support to get started. If you've tried all kinds of diets and exercise, but not managed to stick with anything or keep your weight in check long term, being told to "just eat less and work out more" isn't helpful.

That's where Diet Chef comes in.

Diet Chef can help get you started… 

Diet Chef can give people who are losing the battle against the budge the initial support and confidence boost they need, by making weight loss as easy as possible. We also remove some of the exposure to bad food temptations, like the "naughty aisles" in the supermarket.

Our meal plan is designed to facilitate a healthy, sustainable weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week, in line with UK Government guidelines. Our customers get to enjoy a range of proper, tasty and filling meals, whilst learning what a balanced diet and normal portion sizes look like.

What you can learn from Diet Chef… 

  • Diet Chef helps customers by teaching them portion control and getting them used to eating regular, smaller meals.
  • The meal plan helps customers gain a better understanding of what a healthy balanced diet is, taking an "everything in moderation" approach to food.  
  • We encourage customers to incorporate more vegetables and fruit in their everyday diet.
  • Diet Chef can also help improve customers' knowledge of high and low calorie foods and healthier alternatives, through the plan itself and the calorie guide

Convenience is king 

The convenience element of Diet Chef can be a great help to people who are not skilled cooks, who have full on daily schedules, or who are struggling with their motivation.

By removing the need to think about food, plan meals and calorie count non-stop, Diet Chef allows customers to start losing weight and improve their eating habits, while minimising the initial struggle and off-putting preparations.

Our customers often tell us that once they start losing a bit of weight, they are inspired to learn more about healthy eating and gain the confidence and energy to exercise more.

Healthy, balanced diet with real food 

Our philosophy is that the best way to lose weight is to eat real food and proper meals. We don't think you have to deny yourself the food you love – just learn to eat less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff.

Sure, there are some foods on our menus that might not seem 'healthy' at first glance. "A chocolate cookie for breakfast?!", I hear you gasp! Well yes, if eaten as part of a balanced, calorie controlled diet, with lots of fresh greens added during the day, you can enjoy the occasional vanilla protein bar, strawberry milkshake or pack of pretzels, and still stay healthy.

Of course, we do also have lots of "less treaty" options on the menus, if you prefer.

Can ready-made meals really be healthy? 

People occasionally express concern about the fact that our food has a long shelf-life and doesn't need to be refrigerated.

This is down to the process by which our meals are cooked. The French call it 'sous vide' – meaning 'under vacuum' – whereby food is vacuum sealed and cooked in water over a long period of time. It is becoming increasingly common (and quite talked-about) in the UK, but we have been using a very similar process for years.

Our meals are sealed within their packaging then pressure cooked, which means that the food retains its natural juices and nutritional goodness, without the need for excessive preservatives.

Healthy and practical!

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