18 Sep 2014

Diet Chef now accepts PayPal!

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As you may have seen on the homepage of our website, we now accept payment through PayPal!

This means that when ordering, new customers have the option to seamlessly use their PayPal account to complete the transaction, instead of entering all their payment card details.

This will be especially useful for people who prefer to use mobile devices, like smart phones or tablets – or anyone who wants to order a Diet Chef meal plan when they don't have their card details handy.

The way we've implemented PayPal for phones and tablets means customers who have used PayPal before won’t need to add in their address or card details at all; this information will be pulled automatically from their PayPal account. At check out, they simply enter their PayPal username and password and that's it – one click and the order is placed!

Don’t worry if you don't have a PayPal account – you can of course still purchase using your credit or debit card, by entering your details manually at check out.

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