26 Sep 2014

Love food AND lose weight!

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Did you know that the British Food Fortnight kicked off on the 20th of September? Across the UK, lots of people and businesses are taking part, celebrating homegrown, British produce. 

We love food!

Here at Diet Chef, we are passionate about food - food is really what we are all about! 

Our position is that you can eat proper meals, without excluding any food groups, and still lose weight on a healthy, balanced diet. 

Everything in moderation! 

We believe in the 'everything in moderation' approach to dieting, and our meal plan is designed to help people learn about portion control, which is key to sensible eating in our opinion. 

On Diet Chef you get to eat things like curries, pasta, Chinese food and even a bit of chocolate - and you can expect to lose a healthy, sustainable 1-2 lbs per week*, in line with NHS recommendations for safe weight loss.

Get £100 off Diet Chef! 

To mark British Food Fortnight and celebrate our own, delicious food, we are currently running a month-end offer giving new customers £100 off the first month of any Diet Chef plan! 

This offer, which we will keep live up until and including Tuesday the 30th of September, means that you can get a daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack from as little as £85 in your first month of Diet Chef! That's just £3.04 a day, in month one! 

For more details on this offer (including terms and conditions), go to the View our plans page on our website

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*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.


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