9 Sep 2014

Team Diet Chef shedtember update - week 1

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Last week we published a blog post about a couple of our colleagues, Catriona and Stacey, taking part in shedtember (click here to check it out) - and we promised you a weekly progress report.

So here is our week one update, checking in on our "shedtember champions" one week into their journey!

Stacey Cheung

How are you finding shedtember so far? 
Great! I feel like I've got more energy from cutting back and exercising more, which is a fantastic motivator to keep going.

Biggest challenge in the last week? 
Sticking to my plan whilst socialising over the weekend. I need to try harder with that, this coming weekend.

Best diet moment in the last week? 
Exercising 5 out of 7 days during the week really kick started me for the month.

What’s your mantra this week? 
Reminding myself why I started and, if I keep sticking to it, how much better I will feel at the end of the month. Also, not letting small slip ups put me off.

Weight loss in the last week?

Catriona Liddle

How are you finding shedtember so far?
Actually I've been stunned how easy it has been. I've not been hungry at all and am enjoying the food too.

Biggest challenge in the last week?
Letting everyone know my start weight! I was horrified when I stood on the scales initially.

Best diet moment in the last week?
The 12 mile cycle ride with my super-fit friend Linda on Sunday. I managed to complete it despite not having been on a bike for years! I'm sure that burned off more than a few calories, especially the uphill bits. Yay!

What’s your mantra this week?
Keep going, it's easier than you think, and remember your goal.

Weight loss in the last week?

Anything you would like to add?
I'm someone who has never been a big milk drinker, or breakfast eater, so I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I have been enjoying the porridge for breakfast. Definitely worth a try for any milk haters out there, and it really does help keep you from mid-morning snacking.

Well done, ladies!

So what is shedtember? 

September 2014 sees the launch of shedtember – a fundraiser that we at Diet Chef have partnered with, which will take place every September to encourage people to lose weight, while raising money for charity, including Diabetes UK.

shedtember has been created to highlight the health issues related to weight gain, the benefits of weight management, as well as to raise awareness of access to psychological and psychiatry services for people with diabetes and their close ones.

For more information, and details on how to take part, go to: www.shedtember.org.uk 


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