23 Sep 2014

Team Diet Chef shedtember update - week 3

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Time to check in on our colleagues Catriona and Stacey again, to see how they did in week 3 of their shedtember challenge...not long to go now, ladies!

Stacey Cheung

How did you find the third week of shedtember? I found it a bit easier than the previous week, as by now, I'm starting to form better eating habits and snacking less.

Biggest challenge / slip up in the last week? 
Not keeping to my exercise goals. I'm determined to stick to a work out regime in the last part of the month, to see if I can push myself that little bit closer to my goal weight loss.

Best diet moment in the last week? 
I had a great weekend, diet wise, which is really good for me, as weekend indulgence is my biggest weakness!

Are you likely to keep going after September? 
Definitely! My weight loss over the month so far has been slow but steady, so I hope to keep that going, then keep those pounds off when I get to my goal weight.

Weight loss in the last week? 
1 lb

Total weight loss to date? 
3 lbs

Catriona Liddle

How did you find the third week of shedtember?  
Not so easy this last week. The weekdays were challenging due to lots of temptations in the evenings, so I had to be very good at the weekend to ensure I didn't put weight back on!

Biggest challenge / slip up in the last week?
I went out for dinner at a friend's house and just had to accept that it was a lost day!

Best diet moment in the last week?
I rediscovered cauliflower rice. Just add raw cauliflower to a blender and pulse. Steam and treat like rice for a fraction of the calories. Goes great with our curries!

Are you likely to keep going after September
Yes, definitely. I am going to try the plan until around Christmas I think.

Weight loss in the last week?  
Even. No weight gain or loss. During the week I had gained a couple of pounds, so I had to balance that out by getting them back off again by the end of the week.

Total weight loss to date?

Anything you would like to add?
I lost my way a little last week, but everyone has "blips" and I'm definitely determined to get back on track now. Tip of the week: avoid friends who love to cook dessert!

So what is shedtember? 

September 2014 sees the launch of shedtember – a fundraiser that we at Diet Chef have partnered with, which will take place every September to encourage people to lose weight, while raising money for charity, including Diabetes UK.

shedtember has been created to highlight the health issues related to weight gain, the benefits of weight management, as well as to raise awareness of access to psychological and psychiatry services for people with diabetes and their close ones.

For more information, and details on how to take part, go to: www.shedtember.org.uk 


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