11 Sep 2014

Why Diet Chef is great value for money...

Something that comes up a lot in feedback, from both customers and would-be customers, is the cost of Diet Chef.

We do appreciate that £185 a month is a no small sum of money for many people, and we accept that Diet Chef is not necessarily going to be a good fit for everyone’s budget.

That said, according the Office for National Statistics, the average UK consumer spends £73 a week on food, booze, takeaways and snacks, so we do think that Diet Chef delivers excellent value for money.

Let’s look at the numbers…

On our 12 week plan you get 28 days of food for £185…that works out £46.25 a week, or just £6.61 per day, for a breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.

To put that into context, here are some other things that will cost you roughly the same as a day of Diet Chef food:

1 supermarket lunchtime ‘meal deal’ and a takeaway latte
1 Burger King Double Whopper meal
1 portion of fish & chips
1.5 pints of lager
1 bottle of wine
0.5 large takeaway pizza

If you are someone who buys lunch, chocolate, cans of soda, coffees or other snacks whilst out and about, it quickly adds up. Just a couple of pub visits could easily amount to an entire week worth of Diet Chef food!

What you get on Diet Chef…

We provide three meals and a snack per day – all calorie counted, portion controlled and ready in just a few minutes. You  simply add a few 'extras', like fruit, vegetables and a bit of dairy, then enjoy.

However, on Diet Chef you are getting more than just food. We know from the feedback we receive that many of our customers lack time, kitchen confidence or motivation and willpower, when it comes to devising and executing a healthy eating plan. Typically, they have tried every diet and healthy eating regime under the sun, but not had any lasting success.

For many, breaking bad eating habits and changing their relationship with food is a huge, daunting task. If you feel able to take the challenge on your own, then that's great! But there are lots of people out there who need a little bit of additional guidance and support to get started.

Convenience, structure, portion control…

Diet Chef can give people who are losing the battle against the budge the initial structure and confidence boost they need, by making weight loss as easy as possible. We also remove some of the exposure to bad food temptations, like the "naughty aisles" in the supermarket.

Our meal plan is designed to facilitate a healthy, sustainable weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week, in line with UK Government guidelines. Our customers get to enjoy a range of proper, tasty and filling meals, with minimal preparation work or planning required, whilst learning what a balanced diet and normal portion sizes look like.

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The price points in this blog post are based on our 12 week plan, which is £185/month - with a minimum commitment period of 12 weeks. All plans are rolling subscriptions, and paid monthly.


  1. Diet Chef meals are nice, and portion control is helpful when dieting.

    HOWEVER, Diet Chef meals only add up to 800 calories (on average) per day.
    Diet Chef recommend 1200 calories and over-weight people probably need more than that per day so Diet Chef are only actually providing at best 2/3 of the meals or even as little as 1/2, so the "value for money" claimed here is not as true as Diet Chef would have us believe.

    1. Hi David, thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Our meal plan is based on customers adding two portions of dairy per day and their own fruit and vegetables (five portions per day). That, along with the Diet Chef food itself, makes up the basic 1200 calories. This is no secret, or something we try to hide in any way - it's made clear on our website, and above in this blog post. It's true that some customers, if they are very large or work out a lot for example, may be recommended to have more calories than 1200. For the vast majority of people, some extra dairy / fruit, and perhaps a couple of slices of brown toast, or some rice / pasta with dinner would make up the extra calories. However, for anyone who requires a lot of extra food to make up their daily calorie quota, they will of course have to factor that in when deciding if Diet Chef is the right weight loss solution for them. Regardless, we feel that £6.61 for three daily meals and a snack represents great value for money (even if you have to add some extras) - but each to their own! :)