9 Oct 2014

On the set of the new Diet Chef TV ad...

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On Wednesday the 8th of October, we filmed our new TV advert in a beautiful rooftop flat, in Edinburgh's Leith.

As we're sure you can imagine, creating and filming a TV advert is a big project, and not something we get to do very often, so it was a super-exciting day for us indeed!

We had our fantastic production company, Greenroom Films, going full throttle to get the job done! 

We also had an awesome Director, Robert Cavanah, taking the lead on the day to drive the filming forward, and 11 awesome 'Diet Chef stars' who all did a great job in front of the camera!  

Our Development Chef, Alan Mathieson, was also on hand on the day, to prepare all our delicious food and make it look even more lovely than normal for the filming. 

A big thanks to everyone who took part and helped out on the day!

We have included a selection of photos below, to give you a behind the scenes glimpse! 

If you are on Facebook, you can also check out the album we have set up, with all the photos from the day. Most of the photos can also be viewed on our Instagram page, if you prefer that to Facebook.  

 Robert and the crew, getting ready start filming! 

One of our stars, Annette, in action!

Robert did a great job of relaxing our stars and making them laugh!

Chris, doing his thing! 

Toby, getting some last minute touch ups before his first take.

Linda - getting into the swing of things!

Lunch is served, guys!

Diet Chef goodness, prepared by Chef Alan. Mmmm!


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