27 Nov 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Looking for some last-minute inspiration? 

Just a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving to all our pals over in the USA (and our American friends in the UK too, of course)! Hope you have lots of things to be thankful for, and that you have a great time today!

If any of you are looking for a bit of last-minute Thanksgiving inspiration, we've set up a Thanksgiving Board on Pinterest with some healthy(ish) food, decoration and craft pins attached.

We also have lots of other inspirational Boards on our Pinterest page, so have a look around and feel free to re-pin anything you like!

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24 Nov 2014

Q&A with parenting & lifestyle blogger Aby Moore

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At Diet Chef, we work regularly with journalists and bloggers who want to try our meal plan and share their thoughts on it.

In this blog, we introduce you to one of our current blogging partners, Aby, who has been on Diet Chef for over five weeks now and is doing very well!

About Aby 

Name: Aby Moore

Age: 37

Occupation: Freelance writer, blogger & social media manager

Location: Hampshire / Berkshire border

Favourite food: Chinese or ice cream (You see my problem?!)

What is the most important thing in your life: My family.  Family trumps everything else, doesn't it?!

Weight Loss

What inspires you to lose weight?
My daughter. I don’t want her to grow up with a fat mum. Nor do I want her to have the same body issues that I have. I also want to lose weight for myself, to feel like 'me' again. I am desperate to get my confidence back, and I feel my weight is hindering this.

How have you found the diet?
I really love it. I thought I would have to endure the food, rather than enjoy it, but I'm a big fan! I haven’t tried anything I don’t like yet on the plan, which is a surprise.

Have you had much success on Diet Chef so far? 
I have just finished week five, and so far I have lost 23 lbs and 33.5" (across 10 measurements). I'm very happy with that!

Is there a particular reason why you like Diet Chef?
I think the top two reasons why I love Diet Chef are 1) that it is so quick and easy to prepare, and 2) the convenience. I don’t like cooking so it is perfect for me. A couple of minutes in the microwave and dinner is ready! I think it's ideal for busy parents, who are often pushed for time. I also love that the food is delivered to my door, and I do not need to calorie count.

What is your favourite Diet Chef meal?
I love the Chicken and Sweetcorn Chowder. I also love the cheese and onion / paprika bakes. I would gladly buy and eat these, even if I wasn't on Diet Chef!

How has losing the weight has made you feel?
I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I am off to a great start. I feel much more positive, and I'm confident I will achieve my goal. I can’t wait to get there!

Follow Aby's journey...

We think you are doing amazingly, Aby - thank you for sharing your experience so far with us, and good luck going forward! We're sure you'll hit your target weight in no time!

To follow Aby’s journey with Diet Chef, visit her blog, You Baby, Me Mummy.

Would you like review Diet Chef? 

If you are a frequent blogger with a great readership, and you would like to review Diet Chef on your blog, feel free to get in touch!

Send us an email with a bit of information about yourself, your blog, why you want to lose weight, and how much you are looking to lose. Also makes sure you include a link to your blog and your unique, monthly visits, plus any other useful stats - like social media followers.

Send your email to: marketing@dietchef.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!

20 Nov 2014

What if you don't like some of our food...?

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No problem, just exchange the meals you don't like!

While we are very confident in the taste and quality of all our food, we do recognise that not everyone is going to like everything on the menu.

That's why we have an exchange policy in place.

How does it work? 

If you don't like a meal that you have ordered several of (or if you change your mind about an item and would prefer something else in its place), you can send the food in question back to us within 21 days of receiving your hamper, and we will post your chosen replacement meals to you.

If you have quite a few items to exchange, you may need to cover the cost of posting the food back to us, but we'll send you your replacements free of charge.

What do I need to do? 

Just contact our Customer Services Team, who will tell you if you need to send anything back to us, and arrange for your replacement meals to be sent out.

How to contact Customer Services...

Our colleagues in Customer Services are always happy to answer any questions you might have, and will do their best to resolve any issues that crop up. 

The team is available throughout the week:

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 8pm
Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 2pm

Chat with us online

You can chat with the team live online Monday – Friday, using LiveHelp.

Call us

Alternatively, you can call the team during our open hours:

UK: 0333 103 6000
Republic of Ireland: 1890 905 900

Email us

If you are already a customer, please include your postal address in any emails, so we can check your account details before getting back to you:


By post

If you’d like to write to us, drop us a line at the following address:

Diet Chef Ltd
Rosewell House
2 Harvest Drive
EH28 8QJ

If you are returning products then they should be sent to:

Diet Chef Ltd
Unit 6,
Cliftonhall Yards
Newbridge One
EH28 8QN


17 Nov 2014

Inspire others AND get £250 shopping spree!

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Fancy celebrating your new figure with a well-deserved shopping spree? And how about becoming the next Diet Chef media star?!

If you are keen to help motivate others to slim down, so they too can look & feel their best, we'd love to hear from you!

We are always on the hunt for customer success stories to appear in national media and inspire fellow dieters, who are trying to get to their goal weight.

To celebrate your Diet Chef success, we will treat you to a John Lewis shopping spree worth £250, if your story is published!

If you want to put yourself forward, simply email us a few lines about your weight loss journey, along with your name, contact details and before / after weight. Send your email to: 

If you have any good quality before / after photos, please include these with your email as well. 

We look forward to hearing from you! :)

12 Nov 2014

Have you got a Diet Bear yet?

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Our family of bears provides a fun way to keep motivated with Diet Chef, as you work your way towards your goal.

Many of you already have a bear or two, and we love it when customers share their bear photos with us on social media!

You get most bears automatically now!

We've just changed how we send you the bears - so from this week, the 7lbs, 1 stone and 2 stone bears all arrive automatically with your first three hampers, to motivate you to work towards these milestones...or to celebrate you getting there!

Then, once you reach your target weight, you can claim your Goal bear.

We are also currently looking into potential, alternative ways to encourage you to stick with the plan in the new year, so watch this space!

If you have reached your goal weight and want to claim a Goal Bear, click here.

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11 Nov 2014

Our new TV advert is on air - whoop!

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We're very excited to about the fact that our new TV advert is now on air! We think it looks great, and our advert stars did so well! 

Obviously, all our customers are stars in our eyes, but we thought the guys in the advert did a great job of putting across exactly why Diet Chef works so well for lots and lots of people.   

Have you seen the advert yet? What do you think? 

If you've not seen it on TV, you can check out all three cuts (20 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds) on the Diet Chef YouTube page

Here's the 60 second cut of the advert, in case you can't wait! ;) 


7 Nov 2014

So why do our menus change?

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As many of you know, our menus change from time to time as we introduce new food and occasionally remove meals.

We do get a lot feedback on our food, including questions around why food items are sometimes taken off the menu, and requests for specific types of meals.

This blog post explains how our product development process works in a bit more detail, and why our menu is updated every so often.

Why do some meals go?

We want to ensure our customers have a great variety of products from which to choose.

We review our range regularly, taking into account customer demand and feedback, as well as any new products that are made available to us by our team of high quality manufacturer partners.

Sometimes, if an item proves to be less popular with the majority of customers, it may be removed from the menu – but where possible, we endeavour to replace it with a new, exciting food option.

We do appreciate that it can be disappointing when a meal you like is discontinued, but as the largest delivered diet company in the UK we think we offer a great variety of wholesome, delicious and nutritious food products on our menu, so hopefully you can easily find some new favourites!

What about adding food to the menu?

Our Product Development Team works really hard to provide an excellent range of meals to suit all tastes, and they are always looking at new food options.

Nothing is added to the menu before we ensure that the best suppliers, ingredients and recipes are used – and we only develop food items that meet our nutritional guidelines, to help ensure successful weight loss. As such, adding new products to our offering is not an overnight process, and can take a bit of time.

In our view, producing a good product that works well as part of our meal plan is better in the long run, than hastily adding an ill thought-out item in order to “fill a gap”.

Got feedback for us?

We always welcome constructive feedback and thoughts on our food from customers. If you have any views or ideas you would like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment below, contact our Customer Services Team, or get in touch on Facebook / Twitter.

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