7 Nov 2014

So why do our menus change?

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As many of you know, our menus change from time to time as we introduce new food and occasionally remove meals.

We do get a lot feedback on our food, including questions around why food items are sometimes taken off the menu, and requests for specific types of meals.

This blog post explains how our product development process works in a bit more detail, and why our menu is updated every so often.

Why do some meals go?

We want to ensure our customers have a great variety of products from which to choose.

We review our range regularly, taking into account customer demand and feedback, as well as any new products that are made available to us by our team of high quality manufacturer partners.

Sometimes, if an item proves to be less popular with the majority of customers, it may be removed from the menu – but where possible, we endeavour to replace it with a new, exciting food option.

We do appreciate that it can be disappointing when a meal you like is discontinued, but as the largest delivered diet company in the UK we think we offer a great variety of wholesome, delicious and nutritious food products on our menu, so hopefully you can easily find some new favourites!

What about adding food to the menu?

Our Product Development Team works really hard to provide an excellent range of meals to suit all tastes, and they are always looking at new food options.

Nothing is added to the menu before we ensure that the best suppliers, ingredients and recipes are used – and we only develop food items that meet our nutritional guidelines, to help ensure successful weight loss. As such, adding new products to our offering is not an overnight process, and can take a bit of time.

In our view, producing a good product that works well as part of our meal plan is better in the long run, than hastily adding an ill thought-out item in order to “fill a gap”.

Got feedback for us?

We always welcome constructive feedback and thoughts on our food from customers. If you have any views or ideas you would like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment below, contact our Customer Services Team, or get in touch on Facebook / Twitter.

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