11 Dec 2014

Get £100 for a two-minute phone call!

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Calling all QVC Diet Chef customers!

We're looking for people who are currently (or have recently been) enjoying a QVC Diet Chef hamper, to call in during one or both of our live shows on QVC on Thursday 1st of January 2015, and have a chat on the phone with the presenters.

We will pay volunteers £100 for their trouble! 

What does it involve? 

The purpose of the call would be for you to have a brief live phone chat with the presenters about your Diet Chef experience, and share your thoughts on the product. The calls usually only last for a couple of minutes.

You would have to be available for the phone call(s) between 1pm & 2pm and / or between 7pm & 8pm, Thursday the 1st of January 2015.

How do I take part?

If you would like to be a caller on the show – or alternatively, provide us with a written testimonial to be displayed on-screen during the show – please get in touch!

Send an email with the subject line 'QVC call / testimonial', including your name, address & contact details, to:


Hope to hear from you soon! :) 


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