26 Jan 2015

You could win a £500 prize!

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Last chance to enter 'My Success Story'!   

Well, the last week of January is here and the next six days represent your last chance to enter our #MySuccessStory competition, for a chance to win a £500 prize!

What's it all about?

We want to get you talking about your weight loss journey / success and sharing your stories, to acknowledge your achievements and help inspire others. So, in January 2015 we will be asking you to share your inspirational photos and stories on our social media pages.

How do you take part?

Every week in January, we will ask you to share a photo and a caption (or brief outline) that you feel reflect your weight loss journey, including the hash tag #MySuccessStory, on one or more of our social media pages.

The photo can be of anything that motivated you to lose weight, inspires you to continue on your weight loss journey, or that reminds you of your success story - like your children, or an inspirational relative; your dream holiday destination; your favourite before / after pic; a photo of your old, now-too-big jeans; you, after a 10K run; or a pic of your newly purchased little black dress.

You can share your story and a photo once - or every week in January if you want!

Who can take part? 

Current Diet Chef customers, as well as past customers from the last 12 months, who have lost weight on our meal plan and are prepared to share their success story to help inspire others.

Where do you post your entry?

You can post your competition responses on any of our social media pages:

On Facebook
Just post your photo and success story summary, including the #MySuccessStory tag, on our wall or in the comments section under one of our weekly ‘My Success Story’ calls to action.

On Twitter
Tweet your inspirational photo, including our handle (@dietchef) and using the #MySuccessStory tag. If you are a blogger and you are struggling to fit your success story caption / summary  into the tweet, you could publish your story as a blog post instead, and then tweet us the photo and blog link, with the #MySuccessStory tag.

On Pinterest
You can use Pinterest to share your inspirational photo and success story, if you prefer it to Facebook / Twitter. Make sure you use the #MySuccessStory tag, so that we can find your entry.

On Instagram
You can use Instagram to share your inspirational photo and success story, if you prefer it to Facebook / Twitter. Make sure you use the #MySuccessStory tag and include our Instagram handle (@thedietchef), so that we can find your entry.

On Google Plus
You can post your photo and success story on Google Plus as well. Again, make sure you include the #MySuccessStory tag in your entry, so we can find it.

On your blog
If you are a blogger, feel free to publish your weight loss story and photo on your blog instead, and then share the link / photo with us on our Facebook page, Twitter or one of our other social media pages. Just remember to include the #MySuccessStory tag, and our page / profile handle if applicable.

Why should you take part?

Well, aside from the chance to win a fantastic prize – it's fun! If we can get lots of people to take part, you will be able to share tips and support each other on your January weight loss or maintenance  drive...who knows, maybe you'll even make some new friends to add to your social network?!

The prize  

The prize is a £500 John Lewis voucher. After the closing date, one overall winner will be selected at random, from a pool of all the entrants.

Terms and conditions

The giveaway will start on Friday 2nd of January 2015, and the closing date will be Sunday 1st of February 2015. The winner will be selected and notified in February 2015. Diet Chef has the final say on the winner. The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.


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