22 Jan 2015

Our top 5 winter warmers...

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Winter is the perfect season for comfort food, and it can be easy to succumb to stodgy, quick, unhealthy meals like pizza and cheesy pasta when planning an evening in.

But comfort food doesn't have to mean fat and carb excess! We've pulled together our top five 'winter warmer ideas', to help you enjoy your cozy nights on the sofa, while keeping the food healthy and nutritious. You're welcome! ;)

Vegetable soup
Use local, in-season vegetables for a cheap, hearty meal, packed with fibre and vitamins and low in calories, fat and sugar. As you may know, we have a range of delicious "comfort soups" on our lunch menu, including a chunky vegetable soup.

Chilli con carne
The chilli powder gives a warming heat and as the dish is packed with beans and lean meat protein, it will leave you feeling full and content. Try making it using cayenne pepper, which is linked to numerous health benefits, like helping regulate blood pressure and assisting with digestion. You can use Quorn mince instead of meat if you are vegetarian, or perhaps give the Diet Chef vegetable chilli a go, instead? Mmmm!

Stews / casseroles
A super-easy option; just throw together lots of your favourite, healthy meats and vegetables - or bulk out with beans, lentils, grains and pulses for protein, if vegetarian. The variations are endless so you won’t get bored eating the same dish often! Why not try our own, delicious beef stew?

Shepard’s Pie
Traditional, meaty, comfort food. For additional vitamin A, vitamin C and fibre, use sweet potato for the mash. Quorn mince works really well as a meat substitute in this dish, if you prefer to keep it vegetarian. And if you are on Diet Chef, our yummy cottage pie will do the trick. :)

Warm, spiced milk 
Add a choice of spices (such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cloves etc.) to a mug of warmed semi-skimmed milk, for a low fat, low sugar, delicious drink, packed with health benefits. Different spices can act as digestion aids, anti-inflammatories, and help regulate blood sugar.

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