9 Feb 2015

Index - helpful blog posts

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Index of useful blog posts... 

On this page, we have listed all our most helpful blog posts, containing information that we get asked about often. We have split them into the following categories:

Diet Chef food 
Diet Chef policies
About Diet Chef - general 

Weight loss & healthy eating tips
Motivational tips & inspirational stories 

Diet Chef food

The Diet Chef food…all you need to know! 
Adding extra to your Diet Chef meals…
Winter serving suggestions…mmm!
Summer service suggestions 
Chef Alan talks couscous and bulgar wheat 
Our milkshakes brings all the taste to the yard…
Love curries? Love Diet Chef!

Diet Chef policies 

Cancelling, exchanging meals & getting your money back…
So why do our menus change?
What if you don’t like some of our food…? Exchange policy
Where and how Diet Chef delivers…

About Diet Chef 

Why Diet Chef isn't a fad diet for lazy people… 
How Diet Chef works infographic
How Diet Chef works – new video!
Frequently Asked Questions…things you’ve told us you want to know!
Why Diet Chef is great value for money…
Diet Chef by numbers – infographic
Why Diet Chef really works…
Got questions? Here’s how to contact us!

Weight loss & healthy eating tips 

Not losing weight? Here are some things to consider…
How to snack healthily…
Christmas dinner "smart swaps"…
Making smart food & drink choices at the staff party…
Our top 5 winter warmers…
Winter cold? These foods can help!

Motivational tips & inspirational stories

January top tips on diet, exercise & health goals!
Take control of your happiness!
Meet Margaret…a true inspiration!
Kelli's inspirational story…
Inspire others AND get £250 shopping spree!
Susan’s inspirational weight loss story…

We hope you find this index helpful.

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