20 Jan 2016

9 Tips to help You Stick to Your Diet

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Many of us have started the New Year with the best weight loss intentions but exactly how many of us who start the actually see it through? January is a particularly gruelling month and It can be hard to stay motivated but we've put together some tips that will give you the best chance to meet your goals in 2016!

1. Motivate to lose weight

It's a big decision to decide to start a new diet and takes a lot of self belief that you can achieve your goals but unfortunately some morning you might wake up on the wrong side of bed and it can be hard to find the strength to continue with your diet. It can be very easy to go back into your old eating habits when you are not feeling in the best of moods. Therefore it is important that you keep yourself motivated every single day during your diet. At the start of your diet, write down a list of reasons as to why you want to lose weight and what has made you start the diet and then every morning before you start your day read this to yourself to remind you of the motivation you felt on day one.

2. Are you hungry or thirsty?

Very often people will confuse thirst and hunger.If you aren't drinking enough water your stomach will become empty and it can be all too easy to over eat in order to fill yourself up. It is recommended that we drink at least 2 litres of water per day in order to provide ourselves with sufficient hydration. That’s quite a lot of water you could be missing out and definitely enough to fill up your stomach through the day. While dieting try to drink a glass of water before each meal and one between meals to help relieve your hunger pangs.

3. Create a schedule and stick to it

Eating meals at different times each day will cause confusion in your digestive system as to when your next meal is. If you eat lunch at 12:30 on Monday and then at 14:00 on Tuesday, it will be expected that you will start to feel hunger pangs as early as 12:30 on Wednesday afternoon which makes you more likely to reach for snacks and break your dieting habit but not least making the entire experience a bit uncomfortable. As your body gets use to eating at the same time every day it is normal that you will start feeling hunger pags at that time. If you do find yourself stuck and away from your microwave it may be a good idea to swap the meal with your snack for that day.

4. Try to avoid skipping meals

The whole idea of dieting is obviously simple: to take in less calories than you burn each day. Its logical therefore to assume that skipping a meal will help in your weight loss efforts. This however is not always the case. Often dieters who choose to skip breakfast for example, will be much more likely to over eat during lunch or reach for snacks between meals and can actually be counter-productive in weight loss efforts. For an optimum diet ensure you are getting 4 meals throughout the day.

5. Make a date to check your weight

One of the biggest causes of a failed diet is losing motivation because the results are not always consistent or immediate. Many dieters will be become disheartened if they put on weight from one day to the next. The fact is though there are many variables that contribute to your overall weight. These include the time since you have last eaten, how long since you woke up, how much water you have drank and when you last exercised. It is certainly common to see you have gained weight from day to day and feel your diet is not working. For accurate results it is best to weigh yourself once a week at the same time and ideally first thing in the morning to give you a true reflection of your progress. It’s also great to keep a little chart of your progress for motivation through the week.

6. If you must drink, have a Vodka and Soda

We do advise that while using Diet Chef you try your best to avoid alcohol. Alcohol has hidden calories and intoxication can cause you to easily break your diet by snacking or ordering take away. If you do want to unwind and have a couple of a drinks then the Chef’s beverage of choice is a Vodka Lime with a diet soda. At only 130 calories per serving this is the lowest caloric beverage but like anything with dieting please ensure you enjoy in moderation.

7. If you do cheat - burn it off

It can happen - you've had to run out of the house and you've forgot your diet foods or you haven’t had access to a microwave and you've been too hungry to wait. When it does happen, the most important thing to do is to bounce back and burn it off. A typical burger and chips weighs in at 600 calories whereas a typical diet chef dinner works out at around 350 calories. This 250 calorie deficit can be burnt off in a 2.5 mile brisk walk - this works out at just less than an hours walk. You will feel great that you've gone some-way to restoring your daily caloric deficit and it will also help you to realise how hard it is to burn something off that took a matter of minutes to eat.

8. Start a Diet Duet

Even with all these tips, it can still be very hard to go at it alone. Finding other dieters to join you on your adventure is a great way to increase motivation and focus. It can be your partner, sibling, friend or co-worker. It will be great for encouragement but also, if you are the competitive type, it can be a great to challenge your diet buddy to see who can lose the most weight healthily.

If you are struggling to find a diet buddy - there are loads of great online forums where you can find dieters to share your progress and experiences with.

9. Eat good foods in moderation!

Losing weight is no big secret. It's all about eating less energy than you use. This doesn't mean you need to forgo your favourite meals but rather to control your portions and make sure that you are not eating too much! At diet chef we have over 80 popular and tasty meals prepared for you. They all all portioned so that you do need to count calories - just add fruit & veg to your diet.


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